Top100 Most Popular Graduate Employers of Australia

Ranking based on the number of Australian university students who submitted an application

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The popularity of an employer is determined by the number of unique Australian university students that
apply for their open positions observed on GradConnection in a given year.

Annually, in conjunction with the AFR, GradConnection announces the Top100 most popular graduate employers feature. The Top100 most popular graduate employers is based of the data set measured on GradConnection - Australia’s largest graduate jobs website for unrivalled accuracy.

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Our Data Collection

Collection comes from GradConnection’s database of graduate activity from hundreds of thousands of student, but what else makes us a reliable source?

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High Success Rate

71% of students who successfully obtain a position in a large graduate program use GradConnection when looking for their first graduate job (according to the AAGE Candidate Survey).

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Large Database

GradConnection works with over 300 graduate and internship employers in Australia.

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During peak months over 180,000 unique Australian visitors visit our site to look for open opportunities.

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Actual Student Data

Based on actual measured student application behaviour, not survey data which can be unreliable with candidates not knowing all their available options.

With hundreds of thousands of students using GradConnection, we have been proven to be an appropriate and accessible data pool to collect graduate job search data from.

What we measure

We determine graduate employer popularity by the number of unique university student and graduate applicants they attract.

We do not measure the employer programs directly or base our rankings on the aspiration of the employer.

Limitations & Biases

  • To be eligible for consideration, employers must have advertised graduate opportunities on at some point during the calendar year.
  • Note that this indicates that employers that offer opportunities in multiple locations, across multiple disciplines or multiple times throughout the calendar year are more relevant to a broader set of graduates and therefore will naturally have a higher number of interested applicants in a given year.

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